Why run for Central Committee

The only way we are going to save Ohio is one neighborhood at a time. You can only change what you can control.

You can’t change DC.

You can’t change Columbus.

You can get the guy that lives down the street out to vote. You can tell the people in your neighborhood about a great candidate that should win but doesn’t have as much money to spread the word as the other guy. We have to win our own precincts and county, that will affect Columbus, then DC.

It won’t change overnight, it will take time and work, but our Republic is worth it.

We want to help you run
Running for your Central Committee seat is putting your name on the ballot. You and your neighbors will be voting for you. It can be a bit intimidating.


The Liberty Precinct Project and Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio will help you. We will be sharing how to run videos, have conference calls to talk about election strategy and best practices on building a strong county party.

There are people on our team who have been involved with Central Committee for decades. You will benefit from our experience.

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