What is Central Committee?

Every county in Ohio has a County Central Committee that governs their political party in their county.  The County Central Committee is a powerful organization.

Central Committees have the power to endorse candidates – not all counties take advantage of this power, but they should. They have the power to raise money for candidates and support them with political resources.  The Central Committee also elects the county Chairman. The Chairman is the voice of the party in the county. If your party isn’t engaging people or working to recruit good liberty-minded candidates, it might be time to replace your chairman.

The county is split up into small neighborhood pieces called Precincts. Each precinct has about 1,000 voters –  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. During an even year primary, every two years or four years depending on the county, Republican voters select their Central Committee member to represent them in the Precinct. Central Committee members are elected to represent their neighborhood to their political party’s Central Committee. Each neighborhood has a representative to the Republican, Democrat and Libertarian Party.

All of the Central Committee members meet together to make decisions for the party – who to endorse, who to recruit, how the party is managed. Each Central Committee member gets a vote on these issues.

Politics is math.  If you have more votes, you win.

Getting the majority of Central Committee seats in your county is the goal, but even if you and a few friends run and win, it will make a difference. The more liberty-minded people on your Central Committee, the better your party and Ohio will become.

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