Stop Screaming at the TV, change Ohio instead

Politics is changing in our country and in Ohio.  People are feeling disenfranchised and concerned about our future. Many are wondering what we can do – how can one person make a difference? There is a simple way for normal citizens to become engaged in politics that will help make changes.

If you don’t like how politics is unfolding, if you don’t like the direction of your political party, there is an easy solution - if you don’t like the politics change the people. A party is made up of people.  The group of people that make the decisions is elected, and you can be one of them – it's easy to do, hundreds have done it in Ohio, and they are making a big difference.

Learn how to engage and make an impact at the local level. If we elect the right folks at the local level, we will elect the right city council, the right commissioner, the right Congressmen, the right President. It all starts at the local level.  It all starts with you.

The best level to get started is called Central Committee. It’s a level of politics that few know about but makes a huge impact on how politics is played in Ohio.

Ready to find out more?

Learn the first step toward changing Ohio by getting on the ballot to run for Central Committee. Sign up for our next conference call where we teach you what you need to know.  Calls are Monday at 9pm.

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